SMA stand alone install

Installation of a stand alone power system using SMA Sunny Island battery inverter, Sunny Boy solar inverter and 10kWhr BYD B-Box lithium battery system. Includes 3kW of solar PV.
SMA inverters supply a web based display for the clients to keep tabs on their system.


3kW upgrade to exiting 2kW grid system

Installation of an additional 3kW of solar PV on the roof of a local business to cover increased power demands.

MNT SMA inverters

MNT North facing array

MNT West facing array

Battery system upgrade


Exisiting system upgraded with BYD 10kWhr lithium battery. Original lead acid batteries retired. Grid connected 4kW solar system with battery storage. System configured to shift unused solar power from the daytime to night time. Battery also provides backup power in the case of mains outages.

4.8kW grid connect solar power system on ground mount stand.

4.8kW Grnd Mnt Array 4

4.8kW Grnd Mnt Array 5
16x Trina 300W modules on a Clenergy ground mount frame. System uses Enphase micro inverters and Enphase Envoy system controller.

15kW Grid connect solar for Bakery


Installation of a 15kW grid connect solar power system to offset the power used by a local bakery.
At this time of year, Sept, the system is generating around 68kWhrs per sunny day.
SMA STP15000TL inverter and 55 Trina 275W modules.

15kW of PV for Holiday Cabins

Bunya Solar installed a total of 15kW of solar to power five cabins and two houses at a popular holiday destination in a National Park on the South Coast.

10kW of Trina 300W monocrystalline modules on the roof of one of the houses.



Two 5kW SMA Sunny Boy inverters convert the solar power to mains power for use around the site.

Stunning scenery from the site.

5kW of PV installed on the power shed and sent through another 5kW Sunny Boy inverter.

4kW stand alone power system


Installation of a stand alone solar power system.
5kW Selectronic SP Pro battery inverter
4kW of new and exisiting solar PV ac coupled via Fronius 4kW solar inverter.
10 kwhrs of BYD lithium battery storage.

Extra 4kW of PV for stand alone system.


New install of an extra 4kW of solar to an exisiting stand alone system. Solar is fed into a Fronius Primo 4 solar inverter and then AC coupled to a Selectronic SP Pro inverter for house power and battery charging.
16x Trina 270W modules.

1kW upgrade.

2kW grid connect solar system has an extra 1kW added. The simple AC architecture of the Enphase micro inverter system makes it very simple to add extra capacity to an exisiting system. Because of the comprehensive display that comes with the Enphase system the client was able to easily see that an extra 1kW of solar would cover their increased power needs.

3kW Grid install


3kW grid connected solar system installed near Broulee NSW.
11x Trina 275W modules.
11x Enphase S230 micro inverters and system controller.
Nice view for the install team.