5kW Grid connect system

Install of a 5kW grid connect system. System uses (18x) Trina 275W modules and a 5kW SMA inverter. Modules are mounted on a perfect north facing roof.
A Catch Power diverter is also installed. Any excess solar power that would normally be exported to the grid is now sent to the clients hot water system.

Queen 5k

Queen SMA

4kW grid connect system

Install of three 4kW grid connect systems. Each system uses (12x) Suntech 330W modules and (12x) Enphase IQ7+ micro inverters. Modules are mounted in an east / west configuration to produce maximum power at the same time that the clients use power.
The Enphase Envoy system controller gives provides full online power monitoring of both solar production and house hold consumption.

Campbell EastCampbell West