Use your Excess solar power

Green Catch
Most grid connect solar power systems will send unused solar power back into the grid at some stage. The price paid for exported solar power is not great so why not use that excess power to heat your hot water or heat your bathroom floor?

Power diverters.
Catch Power Australia make a great device that will measure your household power consumption and your solar power production and send any unused solar power through to your hot water element instead of exporting that power to the grid. You get to use a lot more of your solar power and you get your water heated by clean solar power. It works best when your solar power system produces more power than you can normally use in your house. Your electricity bill will tell you if you’re exporting solar power to the grid.

The Catch Power device is usually installed in your meter-box and is easy to use and understand. See for more information. Bunya Solar supplies and install the Catch Power range.