Grid Connect

Add Fronius GEN24 battery storage to exisiting grid connect system

Project involved adding battery storage to an exisiting grid connect system. Automatic backup power was required for lighting, general power circuits and an aircon unit in the house.

The original solar inverter was removed and replaced with a Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter.
A BYD HVS 5.1kWhr battery system was also installed. This system is able to cope with extended grid outages as the solar will recharge the battery each day.

GEN24_BYDHVS_2Close up of BYD HVS battery setup.

Backed up circuits in the clients house.

5kW Grid connect system

Install of a 5kW grid connect system. System uses (18x) Trina 275W modules and a 5kW SMA inverter. Modules are mounted on a perfect north facing roof.
A Catch Power diverter is also installed. Any excess solar power that would normally be exported to the grid is now sent to the clients hot water system.

Queen 5k

Queen SMA

4kW grid connect system

Install of three 4kW grid connect systems. Each system uses (12x) Suntech 330W modules and (12x) Enphase IQ7+ micro inverters. Modules are mounted in an east / west configuration to produce maximum power at the same time that the clients use power.
The Enphase Envoy system controller gives provides full online power monitoring of both solar production and house hold consumption.

Campbell EastCampbell West

3kW upgrade to exiting 2kW grid system

Installation of an additional 3kW of solar PV on the roof of a local business to cover increased power demands.

MNT SMA inverters

MNT North facing array

MNT West facing array

4.8kW grid connect solar power system on ground mount stand.

4.8kW Grnd Mnt Array 4

4.8kW Grnd Mnt Array 5
16x Trina 300W modules on a Clenergy ground mount frame. System uses Enphase micro inverters and Enphase Envoy system controller.

15kW Grid connect solar for Bakery


Installation of a 15kW grid connect solar power system to offset the power used by a local bakery.
At this time of year, Sept, the system is generating around 68kWhrs per sunny day.
SMA STP15000TL inverter and 55 Trina 275W modules.

1kW upgrade.

2kW grid connect solar system has an extra 1kW added. The simple AC architecture of the Enphase micro inverter system makes it very simple to add extra capacity to an exisiting system. Because of the comprehensive display that comes with the Enphase system the client was able to easily see that an extra 1kW of solar would cover their increased power needs.

3kW Grid install


3kW grid connected solar system installed near Broulee NSW.
11x Trina 275W modules.
11x Enphase S230 micro inverters and system controller.
Nice view for the install team.